Clinical Site Training

Training has become a required aspect of clinical trials that utilize imaging. The physicians and staff of the Cardiovascular Core Labs will develop training materials to ensure all investigators are familiar and appropriately trained on the imaging acquisition protocols. "“Self-study"” Microsoft Powerpoint presentations can be used for relatively simple, clinically relevant acquisition protocol. These slideshows present side-by-side acquisition instructions and images. This is often a good way to ensure that physicians, sonographers /technicians and staff know and understand the acquisition protocol. These presentations can be used during site initiation and may be combined with a conference call or web-based

training sessions. Often training will take place at an investigators meeting. The Core Lab staff is available to participate in this training session and can provide ‘take home’ material that reinforces the key points made during the presentation. In addition, the staff is available for on-site training for PIs and study staff. This is appropriate for more demanding acquisition protocols or when the imaging component of the study protocol is critical to the successful implementation of the study. Depending on the scope of the imaging requirements, we may suggest that sites provide a qualifying study before they can begin enrollment. We will ensure timely assessment of these studies and discuss issues that arise during their review.